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The Dressing Room tosses the traditional salad to the side, stabs Caesar in the back, checks out of the Waldorf and pops up in East London.

A tasty rebuttal to the idea that salads are solely for the health conscious, The Dressing Room serves filling and delicious dishes full of inventive textures, with an emphasis on the dressing. The clue is in the name. Everything comes with DIY dressings for the diner to complete the dish themselves.

The menu has been crafted by Tom Sarafian, who is by day a resident chef of Moro, Exmouth Market. With previous stints at the Michelin starred restaurants St John and Petersham Nurseries, Tom is committed to fresh and contemporary dishes that give a playful nod to the past.

See our menu on http://itsthedressingroom.co.uk/MenuJune.pdf. We also offer complete menus for vegetarians and vegans.

7 courses with a cocktail for £40
7 courses with a cocktail for £35 (vegan / veg)

All dishes can be prepared as vegetarian, gluten and/or dairy free on request. Additional drinks are available to purchase.

We believe in working resourcefully; all left over food will be donated to The Round Chapel, Clapton & The People’s Kitchen.


  1. Should have mentioned we’re next popping up at The Russet, on Thurs 5th June. More info available at http://www.itsthedressingroom.co.uk

  2. Hey, can you add this to the calendar instead, go to http://www.yeahhackney.com/calendar – thanks

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