A Mexican Restaurant on Chatsworth Road?

This came up on the planning search today: 2013/1333/2013 at 34 Chatsworth Road  London  E5 0LP is 769 metres away. \Change of Use application from a A1 to an A3 (Mexican Restaurant) between 07:00 – 23:30 Weekly with the associated installation of a commerc”. View it at  http://nearme.at/param=195265&type=P Does anyone have any more details?”


  1. Yes, we saw this.  A new application was also submitted for next door.  Both are by the same people who applied for planing permission for Venerdi (corner pizza shop) and a few recent applications on Broadway Market. It would be a shame if they join both shops into a single unit.

  2. Doesnt look like it – one says Mexican (A3), another says bar/restaurant (A3/A4). Im sure it would require one planning application if they were trying to join the two properties as it would require all sorts of structural modifications. Looks like theyre buying into the Chatsworth Road story in a big way.

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