A Little of What You Fancy rest. review

I went yesterday to have lunch at this cafe/restaurant in Kingsland Road and I thought the food was good and the atmosphere cool. But I don’t really understand moody service. The waitress was so rude, that it put me off in going back. Did anybody else had this experience there too?


  1. I haven’t made it there yet, but I had read some reviews previously that spoke about bad service. The user reviews under here are pretty bad:

  2. the review from here is that the food took a long time to arrive. it was busy but they don’t seat many people. it is very overpriced – £17 for mackerel and salad. he would not recommend it to anyone. there you go.

  3. I agree with the food being overpriced too…we ended up sharing everything and it was still expensive for what it was.

  4. I thought this place was awful – the food was not particularly good, it was insanely expensive (we were the £9 for 9 mussels review on timeout) and the staff were unbelievably rude, to the extent that I worried at first that we’d done something to offend them. Reassured to find out that we’re not the only ones!

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