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Hi everyone! So I’m moving to the area this week and was wondering if anyone could suggest some of the best groups to meet like-minded people. I’m very much into my crafts and am also looking for a book club to join but most importantly I’m just looking to meet some good friends. If anyone’s willing to help me out or give me a tour it would be much appreciated!


  1. Hi Sarra and welcome!  I go to a lovely foodie book club at the Avo Hotel Chocolate Lab – do come along!http://www.facebook.com/events/279549722138890/ Damaris”

  2. Hi @sarra45 yes! We have a group called twee8 that have been meeting once a month (on every 3rd Weds) to enjoy chat and beers for the last few years. A fair few members of this website go along too, have a look at the twee8 group over here: http://www.yeahhackney.com/groups/twee8/forum/

  3. Hi @sarra45! I also think there are knitting things at Mouse and da Lotz as well as occasional stuff at Chase and Sorensen (@chaseandsorensen) on Dalston Lane. I find a lot of events by looking at the notice board at places like Mess Cafe and Healthy Stuff. Also HACKNEY TODAY, the local rag, has a What’s On section that is full of ideas. Going to the markets – Hackney Homemade, Chatsworth Road and Broadway Market will also yield some info since they all have craftspeople who are clued into things crafty and in general. Where in Hackney will you be? @ewebber is right – come along to a twee8 if you can and we can fill you in. I’m going to try to make it to the next one, which seems ages away! In fact, I think I will miss it since I am going away June 12. Argh. @ewebber we need to have some more casual things to drop into – once a month and if you miss it it’s a long time till the next! LOL.

  4. @janice I literally have no time left to organise more things – but you are welcome to 🙂

  5. Thank! I’ll be sure to check out twee8 and the other groups mentioned. So scared about moving up!

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