A Journey Through Dalston – April 16th 2pm

A Hackney Society WALK on Saturday 16 April 2011, 2pm FREE to All.The trendiest place in the universe? Dalston is so much more than the spread of Shoreditch ‘cool’ and the origins of a popular BBC soap opera … this walk will highlight the history of Dalston (since Roman times) and how it is changing rapidly before our eyes. The new Tube, Tony Blair, Oswald Mosley, clowns, Marie Lloyd will all feature on this journey through DalstonMore Details Here…http://www.hackneysociety.org/page_id__160_path__0p10p.aspx


  1. ‘A Journey through Dalston’ WALK on Saturday – please note that you have to register in advance for this walk. Details here…http://www.hackneysociety.org/page_id__160_path__0p10p.aspx

  2. In partnership with Family Mosaic – oh dear

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