A Hackney Memory Chest by George A. Cook

A Hackney Memory Chest by George A. CookA Centerprise publication (1983) ISBN 0 903738 59 7 75 pagesGeorge Cook grew up in Homerton in the 1930’s and 40’s. He records that past way of life with a vivid, splendidly evocative pen. His book started with his own wish to record something of the life he encountered in a TB hospital, especially the courage of those patients less fortunate than himself. But the book, as books often do, grew. It became a record of a place and a time, as well as a moving, unsentimental account of his own experiences.This book will be familiar to anyone from the Homerton area, the first half is about the author’s childhood playing in the streets, the tupenny rush, moonlight flits and Dr Jelley; has some B&W photos in the centre.

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