A French Brass Band for a French Birthday ! 25-26-27th May

Hello Hackney People ! So here is my plan : for my 25th birthday my Brass Band will come from France to celebrate my quarter of century. it’s gonna take place on the week-end of the 26th May 2012. They are really motivated the only slightly problem is the accommodation in London. I’m looking to accommodate around 20 persons. (Yeah I know…). I can probably host 10 of them in my flat with air mattress and sleeping bag. I thought about asking if I can use like a community hall (there’s one just nearby my place on Stevens Avenue) to use it as a dormitory. What do you think? Any advice?Another thing, we’d love to play in some pub around Hackney over the weekend. Any advice for good place? Is it allowed to busk in Hackney ? In advance thanks for any advices !! André (needs to improve his English ^^) P.S: Here is a preview of what we do : http://www.myspace.com/voiture4 http://voiture4.free.fr http://youtu.be/8vNg4nHD3-c If you want more send me a PM.

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  1. @frenchietrombone for daytime playing you should have a chat with Abdullah of Palm 2 – he loves hosting bands outside his shop, he also has Organic and Natural over the Road, which has a nice outdoor space.Also talk to @phil33 of the old Dentists at 33 Chatsworth Road – he’s a musician and holds events at his space.You might find the @ldnfldsbrewery have moved into their new space by then and are holding events again, so get in touch with them.Lastly try @jonaldenton , @JaneMacIntyre or @IainMacIntyre about the Clapton Services Club events space. I hope that helps!

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