A. E. Barrow

As part of an exhibition Measure is producing at A. E. Barrow this month, we would like to interview people and collect their memories of the old shop.
We’ve have some great stories already, but would like to keep adding to the collection. We’ll record them in the shop and then playback the stories in the little living room behind the serving counter.
If you have a story or know anyone that has please get in touch, my email is info@measure.org.uk or just drop into see us at the shop for a chat from the 7th July.
The exhibition is open Thurs – Sun 12 – 6pm until the 7th August.
You can find more info at:



  1. Yay!! This sounds great. I have been looking at that shop window for 10 years, it’s great that finally we can step inside 🙂

  2. it does sound good – I’ve been looking at that window for years too!

  3. It’s amazing inside, it’s well worth seeing. The details of the show are over here http://www.yeahhackney.com/groups/gallery-shows-in-hackney/forum/topic/thems-please-by-des-hughes-at-the-old-a-e-barrow-shop-on-chatsworth-road/ both @alexpink and myself are involved.

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