A Distant Momento From the Crooked Billet

A Distant Momento From the Crooked Billet

I found this large 2d brass disk about 30 years ago when I was doing a bit of metal detecting on Millfields, at the bottom of Southwold Road. Does anyone have any thoughts on what it may have been used for?
(The 1p is just to give you an idea of the size of the disk.)


  1. That’s a ferry token by the looks of it. Perhaps the Billet put on a free ferry service to lure people up the hill from what then were a plethora of pubs by the river (Kings Head, Ferry Boat Inn, Robin Hood, Beehive etc). Its a real shame this part of Hackney was lost

  2. Ps that white pub in the distance is the Anchor and Hope, I believe.

  3. Thank’s for your comments Gavin. It sounds quite plausible that that’s what it may have been for.

  4. Gavin. That does appear to be the Anchor and Hope but there used to be another pub called the Beehive that was between the A & Hope and the Robin Hood. The Beehive is still standing as a private house but long since being a pub.

  5. This photo shows all three pubs.

  6. This photo shows all three pubs taken from the opposite towpath.

  7. Ooops!!! Accidently posted that twice.
    Another senior moment.

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