July 17?

It’s this week! @quitepeculiar…?


  1. @quitepeculiar isn’t down to host this month, I’m away and looks like no one else can cover, @janice if you want to host then please go ahead.

  2. Indeed, I would volunteer to host again, but it clashes this month with my mate’s book launch and I really want to support him. I may be able to attend later, but I can’t commit to it. @janice if you or if anyone else in the Twee8 forum ( @ollie @stephenhignell @3djamie @marty21 @hackneye @dml82 @tamlyn @goodlegs @jystewart @staystylish @mattyc @patricksmithjournalist )  are up for hosting, that would be great. If it has to start at 8pm instead of 7, that’s no big issue. Just pop the post up on here as to where (The Crooked Billet has just reopened, as has The White Horse in Hoxton, and we haven’t been to The Jolly Butchers in a while if you’re looking for suggestions), what time and then just show up. I’ll share it on Twitter. Otherwise, Twee8 can take a little summer siesta and be back in full force August.

  3. Not sure. With the heat I’m staying in A LOT! If there’s interest I can host it. Who’s in? @ollie @stephenhignell @3djamie @marty21 @hackneye @dml82 @tamlyn, @goodlegs @jystewart @staystylish @mattyc  @patricksmithjournalist @staystylish and whoever else…?? We can go with majority rules or we can wait till August. Indecisiveness in the heat here.

  4. OK. No real interest so I’m going to assume we are all laid low by heat and fine to take a month off! See you in August, everyone.

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