88 Lower Clapton Road London E5 0QR (Biddle Brothers)

Looks like Biddles is going to have a restaurant on the upper floors: Application Number 2013/0124Site Address 88 Lower Clapton Road London E5 0QRApplication Type Full Planning PermissionDevelopment Type Change of UseProposal Change of use of first floor (storage) and second floor (one bed flat) to A3 restaurant. Erection of new roof structure to create mezzanine third floor level and extractor duct to rear Planning application link


  1. @gavinredknap I’ve only just seen the drawings for this and I’m pleased to note that they’re proposing something a little more innovative for the new roof structure. Sadly – IMO – it’ll be barely visible from street level.http://idox.hackney.gov.uk/WAM/doc/Drawing-381945.pdf?extension=.pdf&id=381945&location=VOLUME1&contentType=&pageCount=1

  2. Biddles have just had their application for a restaurant on the first and second floors refused on the grounds that it would result in a loss of residential space and the proposed roof structure (which I liked) was deemed \an obtrusive and incongruous form of development that would detract from both the character of the unbroken butterfly roof terrace and the established view towards the listed Clapton Portico building from Lower Clapton Road.”

  3. Stupid decision that holds back the development of the area…for the sake of a couple of 1 bed flats above a pub. They should appeal.

  4. Disappointing but not surprising. I hope they do appeal, and people who’re supportive should write in to back it.

  5. I liked the design too. The glass roof would have brought boundless brightness to a building on a street so void of natural light. Anyone from Biddle Brothers on this site? Maybe an interview with @ewebber may help figure out if they are going to appeal or if there is any way we can help support future applications. Who says fortune favours the brave!

  6. @feeno happy for you to do an interview with them for the blog, drop me a private message and I’ll tell you the format.

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