7-19 Amhurst Rd E8

An application for a hotel and student accomodation on the site by Hackney Central station (where E.Gibbons used to stand before a fire some years go).\Erection of part 4 part 5 part 6 and part 7 storey mixed-use development comprising: 648sqm (GIA) of retail floorspace (Class A1); 2435sqm (GIA) of hotel floorspace including 72 rooms and ancillary cafe/bar; 1975sqm (GIA) of student accomodation including 56 suites; and associated refuse and recycling facilties; servicing and landscaping.”Application no. 2011/2209″


  1. Planning permission just granted.

  2. http://www.theconstructionindex.co.uk/news/view/anglo-holt-starts-20m-hackney-scheme\Anglo Holt Construction has this week started construction of a £20m mixed-use development on Amhurst Road in the London Borough of Hackney….Completion is scheduled for spring 2014.”Travelodge - Amhurst Rd“”

  3. Oh no;\Hackney terrace to be demolished after cracks spotted”http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-25065892

  4. Bit of good news. There going to try and save 2/3 of the remaining Gibbons Building terrace but nobody knows. pic.twitter.com/zyCZ9Et0Go

    — Vincent Stops (@VincentStops) November 23 2013

  5. Here is the unstable Hackney building from back. Large crack visible at the bottom nr ladder @bbclondon949 pic.twitter.com/m27Jx6f5mC

    — Anna O'Neill (@Annareporting) November 23 2013

  6. Here's a close-up. #Hackney @bbclondon949 pic.twitter.com/osxE9oxBOG

    — Anna O'Neill (@Annareporting) November 23 2013

  7. That’s outrageous, though surely they can do something to save the facade? Whatever, that construction company is facing an almighty bill. I hope theyre up to date on their insurance….. oh and despite what a channel 4 journo thinks, this isnt thanks to Crossrail, whose closest tunnel is in whitechapel….

  8. @gavinredknap Crossrail?! Blimey, that’s a sloppy allegation/mistake.Obviously I’m no structural engineer, but I’m surprised it can’t be propped and under-pinned.

  9. The crossrail reference is to the fact the site is earmarked for Crossrail 2 (should it happen). As a result the permission granted is ‘temporary’, in so far as the site may be compulsorily purchased if Crossrails 2 happens. The cracks are massive and I reckon a 6m section of the underpinning on the side is on the verge of blowing out. Cracks run the full height of the building at the front and back at the party wall with no 3. No 5 is a gonner. Once they’ve taken the roof off no 3 and no 5 they’ll assess the damage to no 5. I reckon whilst No 5 might be a candidate for further underpinning, piling, bracing and lifting, it would be work that couldn’t be undertaken safely without risk of the building above collapsing. Nick

  10. Thanks for that @nick . I didn’t see the Channel 4 report that @gavinredknap mentioned so I don’t know what the reference to Crossrail was about. I always thought that any significant building within the Crossrail2 designated area had to be cleared with them prior to the planning authority granting permission. ie, they had to check whether it either wasn’t too deep or too heavy to hinder any potential future tunneling. Surely the purpose of this is to avoid – or at least limit – potential future compulsory purchases (at huge cost).

  11. The statement from the council: http://news.hackney.gov.uk/statement-1-5-amhurst-road/I wonder what will happen to Raw Duck and Cirrick.#5 has been standing for 10 years without the support of #7 that propped it up for around 180 years beforehand.

  12. @ewebber Raw Duck is finished I’m afraid – at least at that location.

    We're so so sad to say that the building we are in cannot be saved and the council are demolishing it today. This is a sad day. RIP Rawduck

    — RawDuck (@Raw_Duck) November 23 2013

    I think Cirrik might be saved but will almost certainly be closed for a while.”

  13. @benjamin. I think (though could be wrong) is specifically earmarked for Crossrail 2 development above ground. e.g. a borehole or interchange with Hackney Central most likely, hence the possible CPO. @ewebber, actually #5 was barely standing for about 9 of those years. It was held up by scaffolding. It was only in early 2012 that the Council succeeded in getting the freeholders to bring it back in to the fine form it was in last week. Frankly, one of the best restoration jobs I’ve seen in Hackney. Demolition hasn’t started yet. I’m not sure why. They were nosing around the sit in a cage hanging from a crane today and pictures I’ve been takings of the basement crack each day clearly show the site is still moving in to the pit so maybe they are reluctant to put people on the building to start removing the roof. I assume workers intend working tethered to either the cranes or scaffold.

  14. has anyone yet suggested it’s the digging in the parking lot which will become a travelodge (a travelodge???) that caused this or aggravated an already weakened structure? anyway, it’s enormously sad but also hugely annoying  for those (including me) who live nearby. i asked the guardian of the barrier down by the station if they couldn’t put a notice at the dalston lane end of the closure to warn people heading down that there’s no direct access to mare street without a detour. might seem insignificant to them but to someone like me – or worse of than me, with my cane – it’s a big deal to have the extra walking at the bottom. raw duck was so new and cirrik always packed, and i don’t even want to think about the residents who  are once again displaced by this catastrophe.

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