48 – 76 Dalston Lane, E8 3AH

Well, I guess this is the application that half of Hackney has been waiting many years for;2012/1739 http://idox.hackney.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?action=show&appType=Planning&appNumber=2012/1739Demolition of rear parts of existing buidings and erection of a part 4 part 5 storey building comprising retail units (1029sqm) on ground floor (class A1) and 44 residential units above (11×1 19×2 11×3 and 3×4 bedrooms)…”


  1. Just received a letter confirming that permission has been granted (with 25 conditions – which I haven’t read).dalston lanerear of dalston laneDalston lane

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