44 Frocks

I recently heard about 44 Frocks new Hackney frock party location on twitter. I was certain I didn’t need to add any more dresses to my wardrobe, but it sounded so lovely that I went along. It was such a fantastic afternoon; pink fizz, cupcakes, gorgeous dresses at great prices and jewellery from Storm in a teacup. I caught up with Laura Henson to find out more (but not before I left with a couple of designer numbers!)

44 Frocks cups and cakes

What is 44 Frocks and why did you start it?

44 Frocks started when the recession hit and I found myself unwilling to splash out on full-price, this-season designer dresses (£500 = one new Marc Jacobs dress OR rent). I started finding some great places and people to buy dresses from, and realised that if I was able to gather all these beautiful, designer dresses together and have a party, well then I’d have a winning event indeed. So baked some pretty cakes, popped open the pink fizz, and opened the door to a select group of like-minded ladies ready to play dressup. And 44 Frocks was born!

44 Frocks dresses

Who is behind it?

I started 44 Frocks in my flat, in Wapping and one of my best friend’s, Hania was with me helping and supporting every step of the way. After about 6 months of watching the magic of 44 Frocks, Wapping happen, she agreed to start 44 Frocks Broadway Market with me in Hackney.

What makes it different?

44 Frocks is not your average stressful, expensive shopping experience. It’s a party, it’s a place to relax, and it’s a place to take your time in choosing a stunning steal if you’re in the mood.

44 Frocks Shoes

Why Hackney?

Are you kidding? Hackney is where its happening in London. So many interesting people and ideas are focused around Hackney, we are so lucky to have a gorgeous flat just off Broadway Market we can use to bring 44 Frocks to the ladies of Hackney.

Which is your favourite dress you’ve sold and why?

Oh this is such a hard question. I really would like to do top 5! If I have to choose its got to be the red satin Karen Millen dress we named ‘The Kingmaker’. Absolutely stunning and looked incredible on the lucky lady who snapped it up, at a bargain price of £70!

44 Frocks

Anything else you would like to add?

I’m running the London Marathon for Help the Hospices in a Frock (giant taffeta ballgown), and our last Frock party (last Sunday) saw all profits go to charity. This is something we really want to continue, having a good number of events benefiting hospices, either help the hospices or the one I occasionally volunteer at in Hackney, St Josephs.

You can sponsor Laura at www.justgiving.com/laurainafrock

44 Frocks is online at 44frocks.co.uk

To go to a frock party you will need to get on the guest list, check out the latest events and sign yourself up here


If you like fashion, have you joined the Hackney Fashionista group?


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