35mm Film at Poundland Dalston

For anyone still using 35mm film (like me) you can buy Kodak 24exp. ISO200 colour film at Poundland Dalston. It is located behind the cashiers in yellow/red boxes, the reason I am explaining this is because most of the shop assistants working there don’t realise that they stock it or where it is.


  1. Thanks! Was it just 200… didn’t see any 400 by any chance?

  2. I’ve only ever seen ISO200 and only Kodak film, same for all Poundland stores, I find them to be very good. If I need ISO400 I buy online, I usually pay around £10 for 3 films.

  3. the snappy snaps across the road from dalston’s poundland has fuji ISO 400 film 3 rolls in a pack for 9.99 usually!

    i may try and pop in and see about this though, cheers!

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