3 seat futon sofabed – free!

Hi! We have a metal framed, 3-seat sofabed up for grabs. It’s free to you if you can pick it up.
It’s pretty comfy, if a little grubby! But good enough if you put a nice cover or throw on it.
It makes a great bed, since it’s a metal frame and not a roll-out, which also sits off the floor (like a real bed!)
Please just let me know if you’d like more details.
We’re just off Mare Street near Iceland, and we have some parking which might help for anyone coming to pick it up.

Cheers, Kyla


  1. I know this is three months old, but do you still have it?phil

  2. Hi Phil, sorry –  yeah, no! It went in seconds! If I hear of anything going with friends, will let you know (are you just after a sofabed, or will a normal sofa do?) Thanks, Kyla

  3. Hey Phil, I have a two seat wooden futon that rarely gets used at mine – any good to you? Steve.

  4. Hey, Sorry to hijack, but I’m on the lookout for some sort of sofa too. If it’s still on offer I’d be interested. Bronagh

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