3 Month Lower Clapton Sublet available, lovely Victorian HOUSE- March-June

I’m subletting my room for 3 months in our shared house in Homerton, from begining of March to June, while I go travelling. Its in a nice bit of lower Clapton/ Homerton off Homerton High Street and near Chatsworth Road- Coopersale Road to be exact. Rent will be around £400 [haven’t confirmed yet] Friendly, cosy house of mostly veggies, with nice garden.Let me know if you know anyone who needs a nice sublet to get them started in Hackney. Thanks!

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  1. Hello,I am interested in the room. I am moving back to London next month and looking for a place to stay for few months. I am quiet and tidy 28 years old, lived in London for the past four years but had to move back to Italy last autumn.Could you kindly let me know if my friend and ex landlady could have a view and meeting?Let me know 🙂

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