3 Internships offered in Homerton – Art, blogging and branding

 Double Negative Darkroom and Mesh Screenprinting are offering  three 6 month Internships.  Each is suitable for undergraduates, recent graduates, people looking for a career change or a short term project to really get their teeth into. Double negative Darkroom and Mesh Screenprint are based in a converted Victorian stables in Homerton.  Housed in a community of other artists and craftsmen we offer commercial print and process services as well as running a photo studio, gallery and members darkroom.  One of the main focuses of the space is to offer educational opportunities in all areas of printmaking and photography and another to nurture and build the community of artists and photographers who use the facilities here. The internships fall under three distinct purviews; Art (repeating 6 month internships) Blogging/community (repeating 6 month internships) Branding (One 6 month internship) All three interns will have unlimited access to all the darkroom, studio and screenprint facilities.* They will be encouraged to assist on workshops and to take an active part in the community of photographers and artists as well as the communal Glyn road yard events in return for 1 day – 1.5 days a week working for The Darkroom, The Studio, The Gallery or Screenprint. * Subject to availability Art: This could be considered an internship or a residency.  The successful applicant for this position will create a body of work and/or experiment with a process culminating in a show and workshop at the end of the 6 months.The show could be a solo show or a group show and the applicant may choose just to run one workshop or a series over the course of the 6 months. To Apply: Send             -a relevant CV-a portfolio consisting of no more than 10 pieces (electronically as lo res JPG’s or drop off physical copy to the studios in a well marked package)- short statement 400 words MAX explaining your project/process idea and why we should choose you Blogging: A repeating 6 month internship.  Intern will be responsible for reporting on events/workshops/ULF and work produced in the darkroom/studio and screenprint.  They will look after the social media and blogs with a view to strengthening and building involvement within the community of artists and photographers who use the space in any capacity.It is probable that a significant amount of the days we ask you to work will be at the weekend but you may also be asked to work during the week.  Since certain weeks can be quieter than others this internship requires the applicant to commit to 6 days a month. To Apply: Send             -a relevant CV-links to some sort of online package that shows you know what we’re talking about and proves you can do what we need.- short statement 400 words MAX explaining why we should choose you. Branding intern: This is a one off 6 month Internship and is a great project for a recent graduate looking to get into Branding or marketing and with a keen interest in photography and art.In short you would be responsible for bringing together all parties to form a relevant umbrella branding for the studio/gallery/darkrooms/screen-printing facilities. To form a coherent brand identity including materials(including web and graphics)  for a relaunch at the end of the  internship. To Apply: Send -a relevant CV-Example of at least one branding project you have worked on independently either from university or elsewhere-          short statement 400 words MAX explaining why your particular blend of branding experience and Art/photography passion will allow you to understand what we do here and the best way to promote it .-          short statement 400 words MAX explaining why we should choose you.- Please apply with all relevant supporting material, by email to Doublenegativedarkroom@gmail.com or in person at the studios Double Negative Darkroom/mesh Screenprint178a Glyn roadLondonE5 0LP Application Deadline is Monday 10th December 2012 6PMWe will be conducting interviews at the end of December/ early January for a mid January start