29th Pig’s Ear Festival December 2012

Pigs Ear Festival The Pig’s Ear Festival returns to the Round Chapel E5 on 4th – 8th Dec 🙂 “


  1. early notice! Will try and get there this time, I think I missed it last year after getting over-refreshed on the way!

  2. Ah, I think last year I was working in a pub, but this year I’ll try to go. Weird choice of map usage… they could’ve centered it better. Ah well. Hooray! Beer!

  3. They advertise soooooo early, I will have to try to remember this in December!

  4. This is next week! :)I am heading along on Weds 5th with a few people and invite anyone along that wants to join us.

  5. Snag- I’m going on the Tuesday (and hopefully the Friday too). Will make sure we leave some beer for you. The event programme is here.”

  6. @mattyc maybe I’ll do both, it’s been ages!

  7. Too right, would be great to catch up

  8. I’ll be there tomorrow.

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