Aug Twee8 (21 Aug) The Eagle

Right, I’m not drinking at the moment (as long as they serve soda & fresh lime), my turn to host. I’m thinking… THE EAGLE2 Shepherdess WalkLondonN1 7LB @quitepeculiar is there any new pub openings?”


  1. That’s a difficult decision. The Eagle is iconic and I’ve always wanted to go inside. However, the other one is more local and I like all the ‘locally sourced’ blah blah too. I thought I couldn’t come but now it looks like I can. So will round up who I can and get the Canuckian lot alerted. Hope we get votes and a good crowd! Would be nice to see you!

  2. I vote Eagle as the menu looks a little more accesible and it’s been a while since we were in Shoreditch.Although it is quiz night. Might need to book a table as I think they get busy. ( @staystylish it’s also 21st Aug, not 23rd!)

  3. @ewebber Changed! Oops! Although I’m dying to try Hunter S’s scotch egg I’m leaning towards The Eagle too as @Janice said it’s iconic and I’ve always wanted to go inside. If we need to book then it might be a good idea to get a rough head count. Therefore… role call please! Anyone coming? @ollie @stephenhignell @3djamie @marty21 @hackneye @dml82 @tamlyn @goodlegs @jystewart @mattyc @kuxi @monkchips @quitepeculiar

  4. Pretty sure I’m free for this one too. I’d opt for The Eagle over the Hunter S- last time I was there it felt a bit soulless. The Eagle’s been through a few different managers (I think) over the past few years, but the beer’s pretty good and there’s plenty of space.

  5. I should be able to make it along.

  6. Right, I had a chat with The Eagle. They say they can hold us a table for 10 but if there’s only 2-3 people hogging up for an hour then they wouldn’t be possible to keep the table free as they get a lot of demand for tables for the quiz on Wednesdays (i have mentioned that we’re not there for quiz night (or should we????? anyone up for a quiz night edition of twee8?) so they can throw us in a corner). So basically, can we have a group of 5-6 people showing up at 7pm?

  7. No quiz for me. 🙂 I am going to try my hardest to get there for 7 but will probably be coming from Southend so a bit at the mercy… want to PM me a phone number and I can text you I’m on my way.

  8. Timing is everything – I’m travelling on twee8 day (yes, again) but I’ve not forgotten – I’ll come to the next I can!

  9. Ahoy! I shall endeavour to make it down, but I may have plans with a friend. I’m not sure how set they are, or if they’re a sort of \yeah we’ll hang out… next week…ish” sort of thing. So I’m a bit of a maybe. Will confirm with the Twee8sters closer to the date. I also have not yet been to The Eagle but noting the similarity of their website with another pub I know fairly well The Albany it should be all right. Will pass on the Twee8 details to The Tom. Hope to see you there.”

  10. Right, i’m change the reservation for 6 instead. 10 is a bit too many if people are not showing up as they are busy tomorrow night.

  11. Els, I plan to be there, coming from Southend so may be early or late. See you all later.

  12. hi there, I’m new and really want to come to one of the meetup s, have been trying to make it but always got held up at work, this time count me in! see you all at The Eagle tonight. sorry for the lateness! ;-p

  13. Right. I have a table for 6ppl at 7pm under my name at The Eagle. @dinosaur-special-cassette Don’t be sorry! WELCOME!! In case there are any newbies I’ll try to have a TWEE8 sign for the table. See y’all at 7!! x “

  14. I’ll be back on track for September guys..

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