20mph speed limit coming to residential streets in Hackney

Joint press release by Hackney Living Streets and the London Cycling Campaign in Hackney here:  http://www.hackney-cyclists.org.uk/20mph_press_release_14-4-8.htm


  1. This sounds promising. Last year I had a lengthy and rather arduous correspondence with the council on this issue, specifically about whether Cricketfield Rd (A104) was suitable for a 20mph limit. The council’s position was that they supported a 20mph limit on the road but didn’t know how to implement it since they couldn’t put humps on a main road. But Cllr Alan Laing – who was in charge of such matters at the time – stated; \For absolute clarity the council considers your road to be residential and as such we will look to include it into such a speed limit.”.Perhaps Cllr @rickmuir could clarify what this latest development means for Cricketfield Rd and others similar?”

  2. @ewebber Isn’t that press release 4 years old?

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