Month: May 2011

Interview with London Fields Tri

Head over to the blog to see a post on London Fields Tri from »

Club Focus – London Fields Tri

London Fields Tri are yeah! Hackney’s local triathlon club and are based at London Fields Lido. The club was formed after a chance meeting between myself (Chris Skinner) and Guy Holbrow in October 2009. I was hoping to find some people in the area to train with, Guy overheard a conversation I was having with someone from the BTF (British Triathlon Federation) outside the lido, and the club was bor... »

All the gear, no idea..

I need to buy a new skid lid (helmet) for a forthcoming jaunt to France. My current helmet is more f »

Evin Cafe review


Menu to be determined…be prepared to be pleasantly surprised

Our next event takes place on Saturday 25th June. I’m almost certain that seasonal strawberries will »

Bank Holiday dinner

what's open for dinner in hackney today? »

Summer half-term holiday activities for children @ Dalston Eastern Curve

From: »

Copper building Well Street (Orchard primary school)

@saladefolle pointed me »

Time Out @ Netil House

Some nice pics around Netil House from »

a space for Hapkido?

We would like to offer out space to someone to run regular Hapkido lessons. If you are a teacher of »

]performance w a l k s [ Every Sunday 3 – 5pm

Workshop/ Activity Every Sunday 3 - 5pm\Foxes have holes birds of the air have nests but man had no »

The Clapton Walk (song and dance)

HELLO EVERYBODY IN CLAPTON AND BEYOND! You can now learn The Clapton Walk - a dance for everybody - »

Biodiversity and Green Spaces Funding Workshop

I have just posted something over here: »

Biodiversity and Green Spaces Funding Workshop – 18 July 2011

This from Hackney Council's Biodiversity Officer: »

Springfield Park Dates, May and June 2011

From the SPUG mailing list:Sunday 29 May 10:30 am: Tree care with the T »

Vertical Veg Growing Course

Hi everyone. I thought you green fingered types might be interested in this course. It's a great opp »

Free birth event at Born in Stoke Newington

Giving Birth in Hackney: An Evening with Born and The Hackney Doula »

New features carousel

you may well have noticed the new carousel on the home page, we are testing to see if it affects any »

New Mural in Haggerston


Dalston Rising by Drew Cox


Shop for rent on Lower Clapton Road

Looks like the Kids Mania shop is up for rent from these people who make videos about the properties »

Another supper club: The Rebel Dining Society

anyone tried it? »

Fuck Yeah! Hackney Creatives anywhere to get cheap printing jobs?

Does anyone know of a place that does A3 good quality prints for fairly cheap? »

Furniture for Sale

I am selling some vintage furniture. A lovely brown corner sofa, a 60s dressing table and a 60s ster »

Land of King 2011 video

Nice video covering this year's Land of Kings Festival »


are choppers on this site? anyway i went by wilton way to check out choppers. i was thinking it woul »

Where’s a good place for ice-cream?

In Stoke Newington or nearish. Quick! Before the sun goes in. Somewhere approaching the level of Gel »

Does anyone know of a good jewellers in Hackney?

Any recommendations of somewhere where you can get jewellery mended / watches fixed, that kind of th »

Learning to develop

I've started playing around with my old Nikon SLR again recently, shooting black and white film. I'm »

35mm Film at Poundland Dalston

For anyone still using 35mm film (like me) you can buy Kodak 24exp. ISO200 colour film at Poundland »

Pelicans and Parrots video from HUH. Magazine

A short video interview with »

Clapton Heritage Walk 12th June noon

As part of the »

Where’s my chippie? – Good fish ‘n’ chip shops.

I had fish 'n' chips the other day, they were a disappointment.Admittedly I had them in »

Hackney Speedway Fixtures For June

Hackney Hawks currently are 3rd in the National League, their June fixtures are here...Sun 5th »

Grandmother @ The Piper Gallery (ends 27th May 2011) by traxcitement »

Hackney Fringe Festival

From: your listing f »

Transition Town Stoke Newington Big Lunch & Community Mapping Day

Hi everyone »

Antennas at 152 – 156 Lower Clapton Road Hackney London E5 0QJ

I got this through the door today, looks like a new mobile phone mast on the top of Palm 2 »

Visionary Trading Project


Music vid filmed in Broadway market

I just started this topic over in the music group and thought you lot over here might like to see it »