2 bedroom flat to let

Our 2 bed flat in Hackney is available to rent. It’s  a very spacious, split level flat with two double bedrooms (one very big) and an outside patio space. And it’s just been comprehensively refurbished with a new bathroom. Bike storage aplenty and is hugely convenient for Hackney Central and Homerton (5-7 mins way away) Some photos on facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/140116279516023/


  1. Hello,I am moving house this week and would love to stay in the Hackney area.  How much is the rent for this place?

  2. @schen have you seen this response?

  3. Hi Emily-thanks for the heads up! Niall, I only just now got messaged by someone who’s interested in taking the flat. Will let you know if it falls through. We’re looking for £1500 a month.

  4. Just giving @tisnocod a heads up on this (please use the @username to make sure each other see responses)

  5. noted! thanks @ewebber!

  6. @tisnocod Hi Niall, flat is available if you’re still interested.

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