18 storey block adjacent to Dalston Kingsland station

An application went in last month for a mixed use block of up to 18 storeys adjacent to Dalston Kingsland station (the site currently occupied by the Peacocks store);App. no. 2011/3439’Loving Dalston’ did a piece on it some months ago, although I think the CGI used is now slightly out of date; http://lovingdalston.co.uk/2011/08/another-block-of-offices-shops-and-flats-planned-to-tower-over-downtown-dalston/


  1. You’ll find some nice CGIs in their ‘Statement of Community Involvement’

  2. I think this looks quite smart and fits in with the developing Dalston cluster. I did read somewhere that this developer is very inexperienced and there was speculation that the planning app was done as an exercise to make the land more marketable, but I for one would be happy to see this built.

  3. @gavinredknap So would I, especially since it facilitates the upgrade of the Dalston Kingsland station.

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