166-170 Chatsworth Road

I just received a letter about an attempt to build a \small house” in the rear of this property. Does anyone know about it or the previous attempt to build here. I’d attach the letter but I don’t know if I can here…”


  1. @ruaridhnicoll I can’t find an application for it but maybe they take a while to get online. But there was a proposal refused permission last year. It was designed by architects Waugh Thistleton;http://idox.hackney.gov.uk/WAM/doc/Design%20and%20Access%20Statement-342187.pdf?extension=.pdf&id=342187&location=VOLUME1&contentType=&pageCount=1I suspect the new proposal would be similar only smaller.”

  2. Ah, that’s it. He’s reapplying. He is having an event at Chats Palace at 5.30pm on the 18th to discuss the plans.

  3. Oh, and many thanks for that. V helpful…

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