148 Lower Clapton Road

I saw this sign up on the hoardings that have been around 148 Lower Clapton Road for the past few years

148 Lower Clapton Road

This is the former Dons Cafe which appears to be have been knocked down in 2006. It’s had hoardings around it for most of the time since then which cover up some of the pavement space.There are a few applications related to this site but they are pretty old and I wonder if they are still valid 2008/2024 was to turn the buildings into flats and erect a new shop front and 2009/0255 is a variation of materials.

This site is next to that new supermarket and a William Hill (matching blues and reds!) and is still gutted with an open front. I wonder who is going to take it up.”


  1. I can’t remember if planning permission is valid for 3 or 5 years – 5 I think. I saw some guys dropping off some pretty large steelwork there about a week ago, so maybe they’ll be finishing the job off at long last. Do you know if anyone has complained about the hoarding to the council or TfL?

  2. I’m not sure, I have a feeling they have, but I don’t have anything more than that. It has cut an already cluttered pavement in half.

  3. Normally five years for a full planning application and in Hackney applied as a condition on granting the application. This change of use permission (2008/2024) actually only has three years (condition 2) which expires October 2011. Hence, I suspect, the activity.

  4. This post over on the Claptonian suggests it’s going to be an estate agents – it could be worse.It’s nice to have the pavement back again and now there is less of a corridor it means that people aren’t using the hoardings as a public urinal anymore. Hopefully it will also encourage the removal of some street furniture.”

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