1 Chatsworth Road

An application was lodged to redevelop the toilets on Chatsworth Road into 2 retail units with 2×2 bedroom flats above. The applications documents aren’t up yet, but what do people think in principle?


  1. Yes @ewebber it is the toilets on Brooksbys Wlk, but the photo in the application shows next door (1 Chatsworth Rd). The application contains two contradictory drawings. One shows a development with two retail units and the other without. The proposal is for a pastiche block attempting to mimic 1 Chatsworth Rd. I think it’s horrible! Who owns this site? If it’s in private hands now then development is invitable. But I do wish Hackney could escape from the pastiche-logic. I had an email recently from Head of Urban Design, Conservation & Sustainability which suggests that we might be finally doing so, which I think is very good news for Hackney.

  2. @benjamin – they toilets are still owned by Hackney. In the D&A statement it says \The property to be developed is an existing public convenience owned by Hackney Council and has been closed for a number of years.” Also the application form the people applying are Hackney property services.

    It’s an amazingly low quality application form – I guess they’re confident that they’ll accept their own application!

    I was going to make some comments against the proposal as it just seems a bit low quality. What are other comments that can be made that could have an effect?”

  3. @philaldis Wow! I’m amazed that Hackney property services don’t know either how to make a credible application and that they don’t seem to be aware that the planning office’s stated position is that it doesn’t favour pastiche. I’ve already objected on the grounds that the application has errors/contradictions and that the proposal is pastiche. Since it is still in public hands, I suppose others could oppose on the grounds of a loss of public convenience – especially if the group mentioned in @ewebber post get it up and running again.

  4. Please sign the petition on http://www.claptonimprovementsociety.org/ and to see more information about the toilets.

  5. Her’s the direct link to the petition: http://www.claptonimprovementsociety.org/?page_id=110

  6. I’m saddened to see that Hackney Council so readily seem to want to knock things down and build new things on top rather than keep some of our heritage
    I’m all for new beautiful buildings, but once something special is gone it isn’t coming back – I’m particularly thinking of the recent(ish) loss of the interior of the Savoy Cafe and the Stillman Eastwick-Field workshops, neither were listed in time.
    Having said that, I’ve not yet seen inside these loos, but there are some pics over here http://www.claptonimprovementsociety.org/?p=1

  7. Hackney Gazette on the Council’s inability to submit a proper planning application to itself.

  8. Don’t forget this Saturday, if you want to see inside the toilets

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